Are you falling out of love?

Not sure about your love relationship? Read this article to help determine if you are falling out of love. Divorce doesn’t have to be confrontational and litigious. There is a way to mindfully divorce. Are you falling out of love, via flipboard

Love, love, love…

I still believe in love… And, you should too. I’ve been through a nasty divorce; I survived it and even learned to smile and laugh again. Divorce doesn’t have to be nasty, it doesn’t have to be spiteful. It will be sad, yes. It may be complicated, who gets what… when do we see the…

Hello world!

Divorce shmivorce, right? The process is scary, intimidating, expensive, long… it doesn’t have to be. There is a better way to divorce, in less time and without beating each other up with swords and shields – through expensive lawyers!   With a collaboratively trained lawyer, you can keep your private information private; you can work…

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